Our History

Bryan Myers started B&C Blacktop Sealing Inc. in 1993, while attending the Ohio State University, as a way to earn money over the summer quarter. The first year he seal-coated driveways using buckets and hand applicators. The second year was similar, but business increased. The opportunity’s potential began to emerge.

The following season Bryan purchased seal-coating and crack-sealing equipment. This allowed the company to expand its offerings in the residential market and to enter the commercial market as well. Every season thereafter the company grew, adding new seal-coating and crack-sealing equipment in the process. The additional capability produced the desired result; more work.

B&C Blacktop continued to grow over the next few years. Research of numerous areas pointed to infrared repair. In 1997 infrared repair opened the door to expand into the commercial market. With continued growth, B&C Blacktop purchased it’s first paving machine (along with all of the necessary support equipment) in 2000. As the client base grew and became more diverse, the company continued to evolve employing two asphalt prep/stone crews to compliment our growing paving operation. Due to increased demand, B&C Blacktop added concrete construction in 2009. B&C Blacktop’s continued growth has resulted in the latest addition of a 2013 milling division.In 2014, B&C Blacktop will employ roughly 45 seasonal and full-time employees. With a commercial paving crew, a milling crew, two prep/stone crews, an infrared crew, a concrete crew, a residential paving crew, and two seal coating crews, B&C Blacktop has evolved into a true turn key contractor for all of your asphalt and concrete needs in the Central Ohio area.

B&C Blacktop Sealing, Inc. services the greater Columbus area; however, we also work outside this area when warranted. We offer free estimates (see the form to the left). We use Brewer Cote sealing product exclusively because we believe in its quality. We guarantee our work. Our dedication to servicing our clients and an insistence on quality work are the bedrock upon which we have built our business. Our list of references is extensive, and much of our new business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. No job is too big or too small. If you need asphalt work done, you can rely on B & C Blacktop. For further information please call us at (614) 888-7070.